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Ram VermaNLP Trainer

Ram Verma is Chief NLP Trainer. He takes NLP workshop and help upcoming NLP trainers.

Kusum MehtaNLP Trainer

Kusum Mehta is NLP Master Practitioner. She also organizes NLP events is various cities.

Neuro Linguistic Programming Training Programs in India

At MyNLPIndia we believe that everyone is talented, unique in some way or the other. However, most do not get a scope to explore their potential either due to the lack of the right environment or through sheer misdirection. MyNLPIndia thus wants to help such individuals and all others to reach the highest level of achievement by showing them an unfailing path. A completely scientific process, NLP programs, are workshops for the mind.

NLP Training in India
NLP India
NLP Courses in India

NLP Master Practitioner course in India and cities- Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore , Pune , Gujarat, Vapi , Surat, Rajkot, Ranchi, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Chennai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Raipur, Indore, Bhopal, Nasik, Jabalpur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Goa, Baroda, Bhilai, Aurangabad, Jalgaon, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Jamshedpur, Varanasi, Patna, Lucknow, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Bareilly, Agra, Meerut, Dehradun, Gwalior, Vijaywada, Visakhapatnam. Through these sessions, the mind is trained to come up with better and improved responses to certain stimuli. NLP training from My NLP India has been found to be highly effective for business men and women, educationists and students, PR personnel and the like.
Our NLP life coach training in India helps you to communicate more effectively, reaching out to your target audience and to create an impact. It trains your mind to come up with better responses and answers when participating in group discussions, making presentations or dealing with clients and customers. This is what makes our Neuro-Linguistic Programs highly popular among entrepreneurs and the PR industry. Corporate organisations also undertake training for their recruits. Such training sessions are meant to make individuals become sound with the aims and motives of the organisation and also increasing their awareness about how work is conducted in the company. Our corporate trainers training programs have helped numerous individuals to succeed in their career as trainers and have indirectly influenced thousands of employees and fresher to achieve a more successful career.
MyNLPIndia not only conducts programs for NLP for Trainers in India,professional improvement but also for personality development. NLP programs help individuals become more confident and enable them to be more vocal. It is this confidence which supports them in all aspects of their lives - be it professional or personal. A mind power workshop, an NLP training session from My NLP India is actually a lesson to teach you to deal with your life smartly and to tackle problems with ease. We maintain a base of the best NLP trainers in the country to be able to provide the utmost support to each and every one of our clients.
Improve your life today by following simple yet scientific mind training methods and live happier!

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